Daylite for Mac

Save time with Daylite so your team can handle more clients, deals, and projects.

Over Daylite for Mac

Daylite is a CRM for macOS & iOS that helps you manage more clients, close more deals, and finish more projects. Daylite is perfect for professional services industries, or client-facing business that are 1-100 users and relies on building close relationships with clients and needs to keep track of all ongoing communications, projects and deals. It is designed to enable small businesses to manage the full client lifecycle and support day-to-day tasks – from the first meeting, to staying in touch, closing the deal, finishing the project, and following up for repeat business and referrals – it’s all in Daylite and shared with your team. Built specifically for macOS and iOS, Daylite works seamlessly with Apple features like direct integration with Apple Mail, which HubSpot does not offer. Additionally, in Daylite you can share your Apple Contacts and Calendar; add Reminders in Daylite hands-free with Siri while you’re on the go; and view everything about your client at a glance (email, calls, tasks and activities). As well, If you're an Apple enthusiast like us, you'll enjoy the familiar Mac design and settings with Daylite, and the minimal learning curve. Daylite is a real macOS and iOS app that works seamlessly with the Apple apps you already use and love, even offline.


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maandelijks $ 29,00

Proefperiode: 30 dagen


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