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We make business easier for business owners. By automating the tax and accounting admin burden, we give power back to those running the show without any need for an old-school, overpriced accountant, making managing a business simpler, smarter and way cheaper.


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Accounting Software (UK)

Bank Reconciliation
Expense Tracking
Project Accounting
Client Portal
Online Invoicing
Recurring Invoices
Send Estimates
Tracking for Billable Hours
Billing Portal
Inventory Management
Fixed Asset Management
Accounts Receivable
CIS Calculations
VAT Returns
Fund Accounting
Android & IOS App
Accounts Payable
Reporting & Analytics

Accounting Software (UK)

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Ember reviews

Abdul-Rahman 16 november 2021 om 15:39
Ik zou deze app aanbevelen
Found Ember at the perfect time. Needed an accountant for our new startup but having such a little time really didn't want the hassle that comes with a traditional accountant. Love the software (much easier to use I've found than QuickBooks etc. What ember offer imo is a perfect blend between a human & excellent software. The software help you keep all your accounts in order so that Cam (our accountant) can spend more time helping us and can immediately see what's up! Adding multi-user access would be good but I understand it's in the works so that's great. I also think including all directors self-assessments in the new pricing would also be nice. Otherwise love the fact that I get a response from an accountant within 5 mins of messaging. Have yet to use the VAT & payroll features (we're a v early stage startup) but happy to report back down the line! Think this will be the new normal for accounting needs in the future.
Callum Carlstrom 12 november 2021 om 16:51
Ik zou deze app aanbevelen
I started working as a contractor and had no idea what I was doing regarding taxes and accounting. I'd done it all before in another country, but never in the UK. With lots of other stress in life, this was not something I wanted to focus on. Ember have taken care of all my worries, their service is remarkable, they are always ready to give support and make it suuuuuper easy to understand. And they have such a reasonable and fair price. Amazing. Thanks so much to the team!
Ben 6 november 2021 om 09:04
Ik zou deze app aanbevelen
Let's face it for a business owner tax, accounts and accountants are things we don't want to deal with and its a little scary TBH. A platform like this removed the fog from a scary landscape of jargon, money and dreary accountants.
Chris Short 3 november 2021 om 15:02
Ik zou deze app aanbevelen
As I'm new to contracting and work in the digital sphere I was seeking a modern way to run my limited companies accounts. Especially as my work has me travelling a lot i didn't want to rely on face to face meetings or phone calls to do things or get advice from my accountant. Ember provides me with everything I need, the user experience is excellent (but can always be iterated!) linking banks and HMRC to provide an all in one service and at a great price. The fact i was able to ask a question of an accountant on chat and get it answered in 2 minutes was astounding and has really cemented that i have made the right choice and i will be introducing other people I know to Ember in the future. Thanks and keep iterating!! :-)
Juan Martin 18 oktober 2021 om 06:45
Ik zou deze app aanbevelen
When you have problems with your account.... And you need someone to pick up the pieces and glue them, choose Ember. The App will also provide you real time control of your accounts.


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